Trichem and the Environment

Trichem Scotland produces NO CHEMICAL WASTE, and incorporates the ‘Triple R’ principles of REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE into the day to day running of its facilities.

Consultation with local environmental organizations has led to extensive redesigning of its installation and manufacturing processes. The installation is now fully protected against pollution of land, air or water, and has achieved substantial reductions in energy consumption.

We remain firmly committed to making continuous improvements to our environmental performance in order to ensure that our impact on the environment continues to be negligible.

Where in Scotland do you ship your cleaning products to?

Trichem Scotland deliver industrial cleaning products to the whole of Scotland. We deliver direct with our own vehicles. If you are far away from the Central Belt in Scotland, we use a carrier and delivery will take between 2-5 days of receipt of your order.

Do you have a minimum order value?

Minimum order value of cleaning products is £50 (excl. VAT), for this delivery is free, however orders below £50.00 will incur a charge of £7.50 for orders to mainland Scotland.

Do you provide Training?

Once you have an account with Trichem Scotland, you will receive Health & Safety Information relating to the industrial cleaning products you purchased from Trichem Scotland. All Material Safety Data Sheets relating to the cleaning products purchased will be provided and COSHH training will be given when required.

Do you have a trial period?

We don’t offer a trial period as such, however, you will get our Equal Cost Guarantee. This means, for example, a dishwasher or a laundry machine we offer the same result for a lower price or a better result for the same price.

Can I order cleaning products online?

Yes, have a look at our comprehensive online store of janitorial and cleaning products.

How can I order Trichem cleaning products?

You can place your order for cleaning supplies with your account manager which will pay you a visit every month. You can also print an order sheet and send us the order by mail or fax.

Do you send out a product catalogue?

Short answer: No. If you run a hotel, for example, you won’t need all products that are meant for a fish processing factory. Since we offer products for so many different markets, it would be a waste of paper if we produced a large catalogue that contains all our products. If you are interested in our products, we can arrange for one of our consultants to pay you a visit. He will look at your business and premises and provide a written survey which is taylored for your business. This survey then contains a list of the products and prices that we think you require for your organisation.

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