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The problem with Norovirus, outside the body, is not that it’s relatively easy to kill using the correct disinfectant, the problem is, knowing where the contamination is.

Norovirus can survive on hard surfaces and clothing for days or even weeks, so if you are manually cleaning/sanitising then it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, you would be more likely to be missing the target than not.

Traditionally bleach or diluted Sodium Hypochlorite solution was and is used to kill Norovirus and other viruses, most sanitisers including Alcohol hand rubs, although kill many bacteria, do not kill Norovirus.  However considerations need to be taken when using chlorine based products.

FIRSTLY:  Bleach has to be measured to 1000ppm available chlorine, and has a quite high decomposition rate, so solutions should be made in the morning, and any residual solution should be discarded that night, or prior to preparing the next day’s solution.  If this is not carried out then that may not be of the correct solution to disinfect.

SECONDLY:  Any concentration above 500ppm (half the recommended concentration used to disinfect) corrodes metals, including stainless steel, and if left on brass / gold plated handles, etc., will remove or severely cause irreversible tarnish to the metalware if not rinsed off, and will, if dripped onto a carpet, clothing or upholstery, may “bleach” out the colour, leaving white spot marks, so replacing would be necessary.

We at Trichem have for years supplied bleach in both liquid and tablet form to kill viruses, but with the above two proviso’s that extreme care and procedures should be followed.  But it always left the pondering question, “where is the virus that I am wanting to get rid of, and how do I know if I have been successful?”

So the question, how do I know if I have been successful in my quest to eradicate this?  The only practical way is to judge if there are no more reported symptoms, bearing in mind that for every 1 reported case there are an estimated 147 unreported cases.  Symptoms usually appear within one to two days after exposure and you will be contagious for up to to three days after you have recovered.  So you can see it is very difficult to know if you have successfully disinfected all surfaces that can or have been contaminated.

Here at Trichem we have developed a disinfectant, STERI CELL using Huwa-san silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, a proven biocide, fungicide, sporicide & virucide.

STERI CELL is non corrosive, so no problems with corroding metals, and is non-bleaching, so again no problems dripping onto soft furnishings, etc.

STERI CELL can be sprayed onto a surface and wiped off, any residual, decomposes to water & oxygen. It has a very long shelf life- 2 years, so again no concerns about having to prepare fresh solutions.

But most importantly STERI CELL can be applied as an aerosol, called fogging, this is where a Trichem technician “sprays” into a sealed room, corridor, etc., as a mist type vapour, reaching all surfaces, so no concerns as to where the virus may be hiding, and at the same time, because it is a vapour, any airborne pathogens are also taken care of.  The room being treated will be ready to re-enter within 1-2 hours after treatment.

Fogging can, and is being used to disinfect care homes, nursery’s, buses, call centres, etc, – can you imagine the bacteria that’s currently on your PC’s keyboard!, in fact anywhere people gather, either at work, play, learning or leisure, where just one person hasn’t washed their hands properly/or at all, after visiting the toilet, then opens any door, switiches on any light, you get the picture!

Trichem’s disinfection service can be set-up in many ways,

  • regular preventative application, including emergency call outs,
  • a one off application,
  • emergency call out only.

Prices start from a little a £75.00, if you would like to speak with someone regarding this, please do not hesitate calling us on 01506 634477 or emailing your enquiry to

Testimonial Nov 2017

Statement on the Fogging Service

We phoned Trichem to book to use the Trichem Steri Cell Fogging Service. The person on the phone couldn’t have been more helpful. He arranged to come the same day and accommodated around our residents and our time needs by arranging a later appointment for that day.

After the Trichem Steri Cell fogging service was done, we had no further cases on the norovirus, within the home.

We highly recommend this service and wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again.

Steri Cell Norovirus
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