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Cleaning Chemicals

Trichem Scotland’s branded products have been developed and manufactured for professional use. 

Unlike household chemicals, our range has been designed to tackle the hardest of jobs within a busy work environment. Our detergents are also fully supported with relevant safety data sheets and on-site usage training. To ensure optimum results are obtained. 

Our housekeeping cleaning chemical range includes:

  • Steri san (toilet bowl cleaner)
  • Glaze (glass & mirror cleaner)
  • Bleach (thin & thick)
  • Floor gels (lemon & pine)
  • Air fresheners
  • Floor care-  striper, sealer, maintainer, polish
  • Steri germ + (washroom sanitiser)
  • All fresh (odour eliminators)
  • Pine disinfectant
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaner
  • Polishes (furniture, metal)

Disposable paper products.

Scotland’s Number ONE supplier of Papernet Disolvetec hand towels.  Disolvetec hand towels are a unique luxuries cost effective solution. Preforms like a hand towel, dissolves like a toilet roll!

More paper products

As well as being Scotland`s largest supplier of Papernets Disolvetec hand towels. Trichem also supply a number of conventional disposable paper products including 

  • Toilet rolls
  • Bulk pack tissue
  • Mini & Maxi jumbo toilet roll
  • C fold hand towels
  • V fold hand towels
  • Airlaid hand towels
  • couch rolls, 
  • Facial tissues 
  • centrefeed rolls.

If you are looking for a more cost effective “system” roll towel or toilet roll. Please Contact your local Trichem representative.

Refuse sacks and bin liners

We stock a wide range of virgin and recycled polytene an array of size, colours and gauges To handle all your disposal or recycling requirements.

  • Pedal bin liners
  • Swing bin liners
  • Wheelie bin liners
  • Compactor sacks
  • Rubble sacks
  • Refuse bags
  • Compositable sacks
  • Vest carriers


  • Upright sebo vacuums
  • Dart, comfort and evolution range and bags
  • Cylinder numatic vacuums
  • Henry , hetty, George and bags

Wiping, moping and brushing

We offer a comprehensive range of wiping, moping and brushing products and accessories. Including

Colour coded systems, disposable, semi disposable, Lauderdale.

  • traditional mops
  • mop buckets
  • flat mops
  • deck scubbers
  • General purpose cloths 
  • microfiber cloths, 
  • toilet brushes, 
  • dish cloths, 
  • nail brushes, 
  • yard broom etc 
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