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Standard Dishwashers

Effortless, consistent dishwashing results.

Front-loading commercial dishwasher with three minute wash cycle and simple two-button controls for effortless, consistently clean results.

In addition, clever software constantly monitors water usage, temperature, chemical levels and wash cycles giving valuable data used to improve operational efficiencies.

The three minute cycle allows for maximum output without compromising wash quality.

Temperature interlock guarantees the rinse is at correct temperature.

We’ve maximised our user experience through two simple button controls.

All models come as standard with a gravity drain, which is suitable in instances where the machine is above the waste outlet.

Colour coded display – Amber flashing – Machine heating Blue – Machine in cycle Green – Machine Ready

D400 D400 400 x 400mm basket 450 (W) x 760 (H) (790 max) x 517 (D) 1 YEAR P/L
D400P With an optional drain pump 450 (W) x 760 (H) (790 max) x 517 (D) 1 YEAR P/L
D500 D500 500 x 500mm basket 550 (W) x 830 (H) (860 max) x 605 (D) 1 YEAR P/L
D500P With an optional drain pump 550 (W) x 830 (H) (860 max) x 605 (D) 1 YEAR P/L

Duo Dishwashers

Fully WRAS compliant dishwashing.

Available in two sizes, our frontloading commercial dishwasher with digital display, three wash programs and Type ‘A’ air gap for compliant, effortless and consistently clean results.

The digital LCD display accurately shows the temperature of the wash tank and rinse boiler, re assuring the operator that it is up to temperature and fully sanitising during the wash cycle.

Three wash programs – standard (2min), standard (3min) and heavy (5min) cycles allow for maximum output without compromising wash quality.

All Duo’s come with drain pumps, rinse booster pumps and built-in chemical dispensers to ensure they meet installation requirements.

LCD display – enhances user functionality by displaying rinse and wash tank temperatures.

Water Board (WRAS) compliant – All Duo models are fully compliant with essential Water Board regulations.

Double skinned sides and door allows for quieter operation and reduced heat loss.

Plus: all the benefits of our standard range

D400DUO D400DUO 400 x 400mm basket 470 (W) x 760 (H) (790 max) x 517 (D) 2 YEAR P/L
D500DUO D500DUO 500 x 500mm basket 570 (W) x 830 (H) (860 max) x 605 (D)  2 YEAR P/L
Pass-through dishwashers.

P500A Dishwashers

Pass-through dishwashers.

High volume dishwashers suitable for straight-through or corner situated operation, the P500A machines are capable of washing up to 720 plates per hour. Reduced water consumption via 39 litre wash tank ensures minimised running costs. Easy cleaning due to the continuous hood clean and removable front panel allows excellent service access.

The P500A Standard comes with a built-in drain pump and a rinse booster pump. It can also be upgraded to include a detergent pump.

Standard P500A machines can be specified in either single phase 30 Amp operation or 3 phase 13 Amp.

630 (W) x 1890-1960 open / 1470-1520 closed (H) x 720 (D)


1 – Select your usage needs

Everyday use, Intermediate or Intensive

2 – Choose a machine type

Standard 3 Phase or Single Phase

3 – Add additional components

Detergent Pump 

For everyday use Code Loading
Three phase P500A with WRAS Type ‘A’ air gap P500A12 6.84kW
Three phase with added detergent pump P500A12D 6.84kW
Single phase version P500A30 6.84kW
Single phase version with added detergent pump P500A30D 6.84kW
For intermediate use Code Loading
Intermediate P500A with WRAS ‘A’ type air gap


P500A16 9.48kW
With added detergent pump P500A16D 9.48kW
For intensive use Code Loading
Intensive P500A with WRAS ‘A’ type air gap P500A22 12.84kW
With added detergent pump P500A22D 12.84kW
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